Barnes Myofascial Release Can Enhance Your Chiropractic Visits

Can you get more benefit from your chiropractor with myofascial release? Yes. Many of my clients that see a chiropractor, find great benefit in their visits. But they noticed bigger gains and differences when they started to include Barnes Myofascial Release into their healing regiment.

What my clients noticed:

  • Their chiropractic adjustments held.
  • Their chiropractic adjustments where less painful or not painful anymore.

What their chiropractors noticed:

  • Their chiropractic adjustments held. They could progress more with their patients’ treatment plan.
  • Their chiropractic adjustments were easier. The chiropractor didn’t have to work as hard to adjust their patient.

How is this?

Myofascial Release restores space. Think of the restricted fascial system as a strait jacket. Releasing those fascial restrictions opens up the strait jacket. Now bones can more easily. Including Barnes Myofascial Release is a win win for both patient and chiropractor!

Myofascial Release available in RVA or elsewhere….

If you reside in the Greater Richmond area, consider a Myofascial Release treatment from myself at James River Myofascial Release. If you are elsewhere in the US, Canada, or another country, find a therapist here.