Get OFF of the Lacrosse Ball!

Using a lacrosse ball for self myofascial release can be brutal!

Where in the world did people get the idea that brute force is REQUIRED to release fascia in the body? 

Leaving bruises all over your body. Squeaking tears out as you grit your teeth after the umpteenth time of “strumming” your overtuned IT band with a lacrosse ball.

Brute force AIN’T. IT. BRO.

There is one thing guaranteed with brute force. It will cause your body to react. NOT RESPOND.

…Sure you can lacrosse ball your IT band.

Sure, you can FEEL it. Your mind feels like it’s making strides in healing your aches and pains because you have distinct feedback, right? Like rolling a lacrosse ball over and over your already inflamed IT band is…. feedback?

Guess what? Your body isn’t on the same page. 

Police car lights
Lacrosse ball? Here come the fascia police!

It is bracing.

 It is protecting. Even protesting!!

You can’t “release” your fascia while it’s trying to protect you at the same time. And yes, your fascia will REFLEXIVELY try and protect you.

It’s counterproductive.

Myofascial release with lacrosse balls, foam rollers, scraping tools, blasters, etc., USED TRADITIONALLY, bruise and hurt. Some of these tools, used in any way bruise and hurt. 

You will eventually have to attend to your pain and aches again. 

And again. And again.

And ultimately, you are just creating more adhesions. 

Even the potential for injury.

ESPECIALLY if your ego is driving your self-care session, DETERMINED to BRUTALIZE your pain into submission.

Soooo can you really release fascia? YES.

Without destroying your body? YES.


Be willing to be curious that maybe gentler can be more productive. Then, be willing to hold that curiosity for at least a few MFR treatments with myself at James River MFR.

I’ll show you, you don’t need brute force to heal your body.

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