How Does Tight Fascia Play a Role in Chronic Fatigue?

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Not only a BOOST, but restoring your mind-body battery back to its original potential!

What’s your fascial system have to even do with your struggle to perform each day?
What’s fascia?

Just know, it is key to you feeling more full of energy.……

Low Energy Blues

If you deal with low energy, chronic fatigue, constant exhaustion…. with no excuse because you haven’t just run a marathon and you got your 8 hours of sleep and you are doing everything you think is right to rest; but by the time the end of your day roles by or your weekend to enjoy no work…. you are beyond exhausted and need to lie down or keep necessities to a minimum. Tasks get put on hold. Hobbies have to be let go of. To do lists are driven to a halt. Social life is socially inept. Why??????

Figure A.

Even though Myofascial Release is a whole body and mind approach, we’ll focus a little on your muscles. Your muscles have a defined relaxed shape they always return to if they are in balance. Not too short and not too long. If they can’t return to this length, they fatigue and eventually strain. Strain = stress. The body turns into a tug-of-war match between muscles. Lots of energy being used here. Note Figure A. Consider the difference that posture plays between both figures. In the individual on the right, some of his musculature is contracted shorter, like the front of the body and the back of the neck. Some are stretched longer, like in the back and in the front of the neck. On top of all this is the head, which when off center becomes heavier and heavier the more forward it goes. There is no winner in this match. Especially you.

How do you release fatigue? It’s spacial medicine.

If you are an athlete, performer or just enjoy using your body to the utmost of its ability, this constricted space hinders you to be your best.

I pay attention to these areas of excessive strain in your body. The gentle techniques of Myofascial Release encourage an environment that gives your body permission to let go. Once the strain eases, space is restored and better function, movement is gained. A.K.A. – more energy that is yours rather than straining muscles!!!

Athletes notice that they gain a strength advantage without having to work out harder. Performers like dancers or musicians gain better control of their movements. Everyday tasks become a breeze now! Why? Because the muscles perform better when they aren’t stuck in a state of stress.

Fight or Flight Default

One other significant note about posture. When there is imbalance in posture, your body perceives this as a stressor, as a threat. How do you respond or react to threats? More than likely you tend to go into alarm mode and tighten up your defenses(muscles).

Your body tries to communicate with you to pay attention to these stressors. This might be a twitch or mild ache that is there and gone. But, if you shut these or other signals out, your body becomes more desperate to reach you. On top of the energy that your muscles are expending to reestablish balance and get away from the perceived threat, your body is expending everything it can to get you to pay attention to it again. The more we disconnect from ourselves, the more chaotic life seems to us.

A deeper part of Myofascial Release is about connection. Connecting you back to yourself and these signals that your body has been trying to press you with. And connecting you back to feeling. Here is a great TEDTalk by Brene Brown about “The Power of Vulnerability” that I think relates to where our power lies when it comes to feeling or not.

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