Myofascial Release Can Level Up Your Fitness Goals!

Woman doing squat lift.

It’s always interesting with Barnes MFR what some of the gains my clients encounter after their treatment. Even though my clients are seeing me for specific pain issues, the benefits of MFR transcend beyond their issues because of the interconnectedness of the fascial web in our body. Yes your pain is priority, but you never know what else inside you was being held back by these “restrictions”.


One client reported to me her Crossfit squats have gotten “cleaner” in execution. She felt this and also had feedback from fellow trainers and friends noting her better form. Another client, who plays volleyball, spoke of being able to jump high enough to block the other team’s spike. She said that in the past, she hadn’t been able to jump as high to defend effectively. And another client who practices yoga‬, notice pluses in her ‪asana‬ practice. She felt more “connected” in her poses and could access them more easily, particularly ones she felt were more difficult for her.

Speaking to these anecdotes, MFR can help the individual reconnect with themselves so that they can perform better in their sport or choice of fitness. Fascia plays a role in proprioception, our ability to feel and move ourselves in our surrounding space. The more open and fluid our fascial system is, the more adaptable we are to respond to our environment. When our fascial system becomes restricted, limitation takes over causing us to react vs. respond. We become attached to moving only a certain way, and avoid other possibilities. This takes our bodies down the path of injury, for example, overuse injuries, poor fitness form. Our fascia was meant move in multiple directions and without effort if called for.

Our Consciousness Is Intertwined With Everything We Are

Recollect if you have experienced an athletic injury, the aspect of guarding or bracing. If you do a similar exercise that you think will create pain or injure again, you brace for the worst. Over time this bracing, if left untreated, can cement into your tissue as a bracing pattern. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. A bracing pattern is a default mindbody re-action to a stressful situation, and becomes more obvious the more stressful the situation is. You step away from activities that you loved to do because the fear of pain or the defeat of not performing as good as you were before. This affects your confidence. This affects your performance. This affects your ability to have ultimately have fun and enjoy life. Bracing keeps you in the future trying to prevent further pain or injury, and out of the present moment.

A "to do list" written on a chalk board

Your mind has to unnecessarily focus more energy on “being safe” or “careful”. When “restrictions” release, energy and focus can be devoted more to “what you can do vs. what you can’t”. Freed fluid fascia allows you to stay more in the present moment.

Whether you choose Crossfit, various methods of functional training, yoga, pilates, or other fitness options, John Barnes Myofascial Release can enhance your connection to your activity. Barnes MFR can give you the opportunity to feel fitness on a deeper level. MFR can help you avoid injury or heal more effectively from previous injuries. Even if you aren’t experiencing pain, MFR can give you more freedom and better performance for the activities you enjoy in your life.

Get Treated by a Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist

Just some food for thought on how MFR can “treat the whole person and return you to a pain free active lifestyle”! Seek out a John F. Barnes trained therapist in your area. If you live in Richmond, VA or the surrounding central Virginia area you can see me at James River Myofascial Release and schedule a treatment!