What is Fascia?

Fascia comprises of elastin(allows for stretchiness of shape), collagen(creates shape), and ground substance(the space in-between elastin and collagen and inside the web-like microtubules of the fascia).

Roughly, the elastin and muscular component of fascia is only 20% of the fascial system. ………20%…….!! Collagen and the ground substance comprise the remaining 80% of the fascial system. 

Get this….. Almost all manual therapies and mind-body movement routines available to us treat only the elastin and muscular component. This affects only 20% of the whole system; the percent that is DESIGNED to give. This is achieved by forcing the tissue resistance or not waiting long enough at tissue resistance. The other 80%, collagen and ground substance, are missed because they don’t respond to force and require time to release. By treating only 20% yields temporary results since the untreated collagen and ground substance will yank the body back into dysfunction.

Treating the WHOLE Fascial System

The gentle, sustained pressure of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release(JFBMFR), engages the collagen and the ground substance along with the elastin and muscular components. We meet the tissue’s resistance and wait 5 minutes or longer for it to truly release. Results have a longer lasting benefit or complete resolution of the dysfunction.

JFBMFR is a powerhouse of a therapy to enhance any additional manual therapies or mind-body movement routines.

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